I Don’t Live Here Anymore

I used to live in a white farmhouse, with a red door, on a quiet street.  My father designed it exactly the way I envisioned it in my head.  Farm kitchen, open concept, wood floors, a bedroom for each child, large fireplace in the great room, beautiful backyard, and a wonderful place for my children to be raised.  My father worked day and night to build my home.  My first husband was supposed to help whenever he wasn’t teaching, but would often show up late, or have other things he had to do.  I should have, but didn’t see or feel his resentment.  I probably should have seen the signs, but was so excited for my family, that I would make excuses for him.  I had been making excuses for him for many years.  Our marriage lasted 24 years, but around the 12th year, he started having affairs, and often telling me he only loved me 60% that day, or 80% another day.  Before that, he had stolen from me.  Money, my dignity, my trust…

On a Tuesday, many years later, I walked out to my driveway to find that my suburban had be “stolen”, only later to find out that my husband had stopped making payments and it had been repossessed.  That same week, on a Thursday, I came home from work to find that my husband had moved out of our home, without telling me or any of our children, where he was.  The next day, a Friday, I got the mail for the first time in many years, and read the “your house is in foreclosure” letter.  You see, my husband had always gotten home before me, would get the mail – go through it, and then I read what I thought was all of our mail.  I don’t live in the white house with the red door anymore.

White house

I live in a green house, on a quiet street, with a man who loves me 100% everyday and this blog is our story.  Sometimes, I will share stories from my past, and other days I will write about our “new” families journey.  I love to decorate, travel, read, but most of all I love, love, love to spend time with my people.  Thank you for sharing my journey!


3 thoughts on “I Don’t Live Here Anymore”

  1. I love you 100% of the time Heather Feraud!! One day will be our day and we will get the two men in our lives together for laughter and conversation. In the meantime, I love knowing your amazing heart and I marvel at your hilarious Live Posts!!! Bring on the Blog!!


  2. Hi. Saw your blog link on FB and thought I’d see what you’re up to. I remember the house with the red door. I think my dad spent some time with your dad there building. Some of us just have to kiss a bunch of frogs (and even a poisonous toad) before we find our true loves. I choose to believe it was a rocky path, but it got me where I am today and I feel happy for that. I’m happy for you, too. You sound content. Say hi to your mom. Shannon (Johnson) SC

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