Take that Picture! 📷

I grew up in a happy home, feeling very secure and happy.  I never really lacked confidence.  I’m not sure why, but I just always felt I could do whatever I set my mind to.  If you asked me to be in a picture, after the age of 24, I would have quickly declined.  I had gained a lot of weight after the birth of my first two children, and I wasn’t happy with how I looked.  I was still confident, just hated the way I looked in ANY picture.

Many years later, after the birth of my four children, I went with a friend to a scrapbooking event.  I wasn’t a big scrapbooker, but enjoyed it when I could find the time to do it.  We arrived, found an empty table, set out our supplies and pictures, and began scrapbooking.  When one is scrapbooking, you must take breaks.  Get a drink, stretch your legs, give yourself time to think about the next page you want to create.  As I was doing this, I met a few women who had been scrapbooking a while, and had some amazing family pictures spread out across their tables ready to be displayed on pages full of memories.  Their families would enjoy looking through these books for many years to come.  Trips, holidays, simple daily activities, funny moments, etc. existed in these photos.

As I was scrapbooking pictures from a trip my family had taken, I noticed I wasn’t in most of the pictures.  I justified the fact the most of them were of my four children, and they were the ones I wanted pictures of.  No big deal…right?

Months later, my friend shared with me that one of the women who had been scrapbooking that night, had passed away in an accident.  She mentioned that her children were lucky to have the scrapbooks she had made, and that months before she had passed away, she noticed that she too hadn’t been in many of her family pictures due to not liking how she looked either.  She decided that her children didn’t care how she looked, they loved her.  She needed to be in pictures for her children’s sake.  So from that day on, she was in pictures.  A lot of them.  After she passed away, her children had those photos to cherish.  They weren’t looking at them thinking how unattractive their mother had looked, or how if only she had lost weight.  They were thinking about the memories in those photos.  The feelings they felt when they were with their mother.

After hearing about this woman and her story, I started to be in photos with my children.  I started to not feel uncomfortable when a camera appeared.  I was serious in pictures, silly in pictures, happy in pictures, and I even smiled in pictures.  I didn’t delete pictures where I didn’t look a certain way.  I made memories for the people I love.

Take that picture.  Make memories.  A lot of them!

2 thoughts on “Take that Picture! 📷”

  1. Heather, I don’t know you but I saw your “box” videos shared by another teacher friend. Then on Instagram I had a suggestion that I should follow you. Your story is so inspiring! This post is wonderful. If you don’t tell your story who will? I have been scrapbooking for a long time and enjoyed it so much I decided to be a consultant. Keep telling your story!


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