Blog, Garage Sale Treasures

Treasures found!

I’ve been so busy lately, that I kept wondering when my relaxing summer was going to start. Well…it started today with one of my favorite summer activities…garage sales with my man!

Some Saturdays, we return with a new book or tool, full bellies from breakfast at Eggingtons, and totally relaxed. This Saturday, we returned with sturdy patio furniture, an early 1960’s tv console, and an amazing photograph of a Texas Longhorn bull. Our total…$15.50!!!!

After purchasing new cushions for the patio furniture, polishing the tv console, and still needing a wooden frame for my new photograph, I feel garage sale content. For those of you who don’t garage sale, it is rare to be garage sale content. Usually, you have this nagging feeling you’ve missed a treasure or two.

It is now 8:33 on Saturday night, and I have no garage sale remorse…just contentment!

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