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Farmhouse Style Bedroom🌿

As each child grows up and moves out, things change. Our twenty one year old got a promotion and moved out of state, leaving his bedroom vacant and empty. I thought about options for the room: office, storage, padded room…just kidding, but decided we needed it to stay a bedroom available for when our adult child needed to rest their head at home.

Having only one daughter out of eight children, everything in my home is made out of wood, leather or metal. Finding something fragile in this house is difficult. Having lived by the unspoken rule of “no breakables around here,” I decided a sweet little white room was needed.

I called my son, and told him I had a job for him to do…painting and carpet removal. He happily accepted the challenge, and worked hard on these tasks.

I ❤️ my son, and I feel blessed to have spent this redecorating time with him.

Here are the finished pictures of his labors:

We turned the closet into a “grandchild apartment!” Trucks in the toy box, kitchen on the wall.